If you are looking for a star turn at your next corporate event, he's the man

Close-up magician

Paul performs eye popping close-up magic, leaving his audience wondering if they can believe their senses.

Sleight of hand, misdirection and psychological influence help to create a wonderful entertainment for you and your guests. Whether you are planning a corporate event or private party, wedding, ball or Barmitzvah, Paul's personal and sophisticated approach will enhance the atmosphere and make your event a memorable one.

Table magician

Paul will perform amazing magic appropriate for the audience at the tables between courses. A mini show is performed which incorporates all the guests, amazing and dazzling their senses at each table. From everyday objects such as rubber bands, coins, pieces of rope, to cards, fire and the extraction of names and images from your mind, Paul will leave you aghast, tantalised and thoroughly entertained.

" A conjuror is not a juggler; he is an actor playing the part of a magician, an artist whose fingers have more need to move with deftness than with speed." (Robert-Houdin)

Paul Roffman - Close-Up Party Magician Member of Equity and The Magic Circle