If you are looking for a star turn at your next corporate event, he's the man!



Greetings. I am now in Hollywood, working and living. I have just performed for the British consulate in LA and was at the Beverley Wilshire Hotel with Richard Branson. All these events were for Britsweek.
It all went down a treat and things have started to move here in the USA.
I am taking bookings for both USA and UK now.


Greetings all. I shall be performing at Frantoio's restaurant in the KIng's Road on Thursday night. Great venue and fantastic Italian food. Come along if you're hungry but book as it get's full quickly! As far as Christmas magic bookings go, everything seems to be very last minute this year. I have predominately performed for the corporate market and it seems that some companies are making up their minds later and later. But at least there is a general feel that people want to be entertained by a professional magician and certainly can note the difference and why we offer value.
On the acting front I have been working with Westminster film school for the last couple of weeks. Working in pairs, myself and the other actor have been improvising a scene around an emotional theme such as envy or lust and then the students work on filming it and honing it down to edit later. A lot of fun, at the end of the month we shall be doing some script work with them too. There is such a wonderful freedom working in impro with other professional actors who bring so much to the table and I think we have created some fine work.
As usual it's hard to believe the year end is nigh!
As Ferris Beuler said,"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

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Right it's November. It's cold, I suppose that means it's winter and the christmas magician enquiries are coming in. I question I'm often asked is where are you based? We were looking for a magician in Kent or Oxford or Magician in Dubai. Well I happen to travel all over for magic work. From Essex to Los Angeles. Have cards, will travel!
I recently had a fantastic evening working my magic at Frantoio Italian restaurant in The King's Road. It was a fantastic night. I first looked at my watch at 7.30pm, the next time it was midnight and I was pretty magicked out. They always have magic night on a thursday. Book to get a table as it's busy!
I also had a big event for the 140th anniversary of Family Action, performing for over 150 people. Some mix and mingle magic, followed by table magic.

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Not sure I mentioned but my facebook fan page is at http://www.facebook.com/londonmagician
and follow me on twitter @roffmanmagician

Feel free to join.
Busy, busy, busy. Derren Brown's lottery prediction sweeps the nation. I have been inundated with press requests asking me how he did it? As I told The Daily Mail. It is very simple, he has a tail and we should just be thankful he uses his powers for good not evil.
The following day the BBC invited me onto breakfast news to discuss further and show them an effect.

It was a jolly fun experience.

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Had a great time doing Barmitzvah magic on a boat on the Thames for Jonathan and family.
It's always nice to get some feedback afterwards.
"Just now all guests have departed and I have free time to write a few lines to thank you for a job well done on our celebration. In fact people commented that you were very very good and they enjoyed very much your shows. Looking at your card I realise you were not the guy we had spoken to on one of the taster cruise and had briefed then, but on the night I did not even notice!

Anyhow you were great and I will keep your card and pass on your details to friends who might need a magician in the future.

With best regards and again many thanks,

Sonia Davies"

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I am now a popular magician in Maidenhead. Had a lovely afternoon party entertaining all ages from kids to grandparents. The appearing goldfish went down a storm. I had a lovely reply too.

Hi Paul
Thank you so much for making our BBQ so special, sadly the musician was not so talented but that did not spoil everyones spirits, last guests left at midnight.

I believe you should get a few follow up bookings from some of my friends as they all thought you were great.

Many thanks

Kim, Thomas, & Maxi

On another note I have put my voice to a rather unusual project. Could this be the next Simpsons?


Greetings followers of my Blog. I am now on Twitter and can be followed @roffmanmagician.
I am attaching a rather lovely advertisment that appeared in the recent Jewish Chronicle Brides magazine. This was given out free with their newspaper and is available from the JC all year round.
On Friday went to a very interesting SEO seminar in Hatfield on behalf of Monkey design House. Marc P Summers was the host and my friend Gordon Drayson was also there helping out, in what was a very informative and useful afternoon spent.

Today I was up in Chobham, Surrey at my friend's very nice deli and bistro The Pasha deli in The High street. How very quant it is in the country. Who'd have thought all that greenery and so near. There was even a village cricket game being played on the green. I also showed off some fantastic magic and plan on being the Magician in Chobham for the future. The town will be mine!


Is it? can it be? Spring, summer? Well the odd day of sunshine in London and we go running into the streets. Now the season of University balls is upon us. Yes summer balls. This always proves to be a popular event for booking magicians, all over the country. So if you have any summer parties or balls coming up, get in touch soon!
Last night I went to the Magic night at Madame Jo Jo's in Soho. A great night of cabaret magic on the first Friday of every month hosted by my good friend Christian Lee. I highly recommend getting up there to see the show. It just goes to prove there is an audience for magic.

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Ok, I may come across as a bit of an Apple evangelist, but I have got to say how fantastic the guys are at the Apple store. I've been having their one to one sessions each week and it's been great. Amazingly useful. I started with imovie as I had some old super 8s that I had had transfered to DVD and needed to learn how to edit. Then I did some work on Keynote, which for those unfamiliar with the program is an equivalent to powerpoint. This I used to build a multi layered quiz which I performed for a client recently in The Cottswolds for around 80 or so people. It was a roaring success and I now have a great template to go further with that type of presentation. It will also be a useful tool for any future business lectures. The last few weeks I have been looking at Numbers which is a spreadsheet equivalent to excel. Just more apple like. This is also propelling me forward into looking into database programs namely Bento which I have just downloaded the demo for. Certainly much more exciting and user friendly than most of the general software out there. If only all stores were as helpful and efficient as the Apple stores, what a pleasant experience shopping would be.
I had a fun gig this month on one of the boats on the Thames, for a 40th birthday. I performed a lot of very strong psychologically based magic and some new ideas which went down a storm. I am also working on something new which has been quite a challenge and still a way to go, but hopefully will have a new magic performance piece soon.
Here's a recent picture of me with the famous sceptic, debunker and magician James Randi at The Blackpool Magic Convention 2009. This year was particularly good. I was disappointed not to have gone to The South Shelds Convention as they had some people I was very interested in seeing, Patrick Redford, Banachek and David Williamson. I hope they come down to London.

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