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Magician and Mind reader

Corporate Magician Magician in London

From Corporate magic and mind reading to *Magic and team building* this year has started well.
The economy is feeling good and bookers realise the value in booking me rather than a generic magician.
I’ve been performing for Jenssen in Manchester and Aldrich & Company at Spencer House in Knightsbridge for their corporate anniversary party. Also a fantastic bat mitzvah at The Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge.
Hire a magician and mind reader

Time to get your bookings in. June and July dates fill up quickly. So if you are having a wedding or summer party and you want me, give me a call now!
Contact me now on 07957230602 or
http://www.paulroffman.co.uk to secure the prime dates.
Christmas magician

Truly it’s never too early to think about christmas parties.
Prime dates in November and December fill quickly. Book your magical event now.
mind reader

Magic and mind reading

Hire a magician London-Christmas magician-Corporate magician-Table magician-New Years magician

Hire a magician London. If that’s what you’ve searched on google, there are quite a few London magicians who’ve appeared. If you’re reading this, you’ve either decided I am your man, in which case you can book me now! Or you’re comparing various magicians for your event.
A lot of magicians are saying they’re the top magician in London or the best or the most experienced etc. It doesn’t take a lot to put up a website and say things. I genuinely have been a performer and entertainer for over 20 years. I have acted in theatre, TV and film and performed magic for all types of events all over the world. You are not hiring just another London magician. You are hiring Paul Roffman magician.

Book now to hire Christmas magician, New Years magician or Corporate magician.

Magician Christmas party-London Magician

It’s horrible to think but here we are talking about Christmas at the height of summer. Why? Well if you or your company are thinking of entertainment for this Christmas’ shindig, now is the time to cement that booking. Paul can perform close up reception magic and table magic and mind reading for you and your guests.

If you are looking for sophisticated high end magical entertainment then email Paul.

Paul will also arrange the optimum entertainment for the number of guests be it 100 or 1000.

As an associate of The Magic Circle Paul is a consummate performer and will organise other magicians to compliment himself to add to your event.

Last December was Paul’s busiest yet, so book your magician in London now or call 07957230602

After International Confex at Excel

Great week exhibiting at International Confex. Great to meet all of you who came by to meet me and see me perform. It was a busy three days. I think I sat down for about ten minutes a day to eat a sandwich. It was back to early mornings and early to bed. Thankfully now it’s over I’m back to the late nights.

Paul Roffman Floating table

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International Confex magician.

Greetings all. I will be exhibiting at international confex at Excel next week, Tuesday to Thursday inclusive.
There will be no free pens from me!
I’m looking forward to the week as it will be my first time at confex. Shame it’s no longer at Earl’s Court as that was just up the road.
Do register if you want to come down.
See you there!

Magic at The Magic Circle in London

I will be performing at the world famous Magic Circle in London on the 1st March.
We are already sold out. But this is a lovely opportunity to perform something quite different. I get to perform for an audience who have specifically come to see a magic show and I will be performing a 20 minute set of card gambling routines. Can’t wait!

To book me Magician in London

Magician in London

The Christmas magic season now comes to a close. Amongst the stand out events was performing close up magic at The Four Seasons in Park Lane for St James Place Partnership. I have performed magic for them over many years and I must say the venue looks great. The table magic section was a challenge this time as they started a little late and there was live music. Dinner was followed by an auction so times were cut short.

Pleased to say that the majority of my gigs were in London. As a genuine magician in London it does mean I can easily get to my events.

I will be performing magic at a New Year’s Party this year at a house party in Gerard’s cross. looking forward to that one. Always prefer to be gigging on New years.

This is me performing on stage at The Magic Circle London.

Magician in London

Booking a magician for the christmas party season can feel like a lottery.

If you want a touch of class and good magic for your event, please enquire . I can be emailed or called directly and will respond quickly.

I am a magician in London but do travel all over the country and beyond.

There are a few dates still available but if I am already booked I may be able to steer you in the right direction.

This last quarter is certainly proving to be back on track as far as enquiries to hire a magician are coming.

The corporate sector seems to have gained confidence which is great and the post Olympic feel is still permeating.

In fact as a corporate magician I am often engaged to organise multiple magicians for big events with audiences of over 120

Dynamo new series on Watch in July

So I see the much delayed new series of Dynamo, magician Impossible comes to our screens in July. It will certainly be interesting to see what new effects are on offer. A huge collection of talented magical advisors are involved, so trick wise it should be quite exciting!

In fact I performed at a party in Notting Hill this weekend and my David Blaine joke went over a few heads as the 16 year olds didn’t know who he was. They did know Dynamo though!

How far can he go? Well that remains to be seen, but so far he’s riding high!

However to book me just click party magician. I may not walk on water but I will definitely read your mind and influence your thoughts!

or watch my magic showreel

Corporate magician at The Café de Paris, London.

I recently performed at the late christmas party for tengroup at The café de paris in London’s west end. When I say late xmas party, we’re talking february!

A lot of fun was had by all accounts with some close up magic and mind reading before the main show, followed by a stint on stage. The evening was finished off by a rather good band called Molotov Jukebox. Check them out. I predict big things!