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Back from Corporate magic in Warsaw

I’ve just returned from the third job in my whistle stop tour of Europe performing my magic and teambuilding show. A mixed crowd of Poles, Russians, Estonians and a few other eastern Europeans. An interesting experience. The audience are not as demonstrative as the audience in Malmo, Sweden. However, by all accounts, the response was very positive.

The team building aspect that was particularly enjoyed was the fact that it didn’t feel too full on. The delegates could take part without feeling like they had to do too much after a busy day. Some were very happy they didn’t have to be making giant block structures or cutting up paper or whatever happens in the generic team building company experiences. They were just able to enjoy the magic and team building experience. To enquire just click

Glad to be back in London. Gig tonight, Saturday, at Aragon House. Then next week I will be performing magic in Italy. Rome to be precise and then Zurich on Thursday.

The tour continues…

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