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Fool Us with Penn and Teller

Fool Us, The show presented by Penn and Teller will be coming back to our screens soon. The first show was a great relief in terms of magic on TV. Some really good acts allowed to do their routines without the need of ‘c’ list celebs or having to teach amateurs how to do magic. So another opportunity to see some good magic will be on tv again. Is there a down side? Possibly the need to reveal how the magic is done. Although Penn and Teller didn’t give too much away. I hope they continue in that vain as to good magic and entertainment being the prime requisite, rather than actually fooling them. However I know there has been a lot of care and thought in the program and with Jonathan Ross on board I think that will continue.

Why am I not on it? Well that’s because I haven’t yet put myself forward. I would want to have something a little more different for that show. But I know many talented magicians who will be and I look forward to watching and supporting them.

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