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The great British wedding

Just watching the great british wedding: Tonight on ITV. It seems the average price of a British wedding is now £21000. Expensive eh? Although one couple spent £2000 on a budget wedding using their own creative ways for reducing costs. But of course the most important question when having a wedding is,

Is Paul Roffman available to be my wedding magician?

What is the value of having a magician at your wedding? A magician creates a bridge between the guests. It works particularly well during the wedding breakfast as it has become known. The hiatus when pictures are being taken. With the best will in the world, that can be a long drawn out event for some of the guests, usually hungry and wondering when they are going to sit down for the main meal. A magician really makes the time fly and creates a huge buzz that builds throughout the guests leading up to the dinner. Baring in mind the costs involved on transient items, the Magician is quite a feature and worth the money.

After that I will perform around the tables between courses. Almost a mini cabaret. I engage with all the guests at the table. A mixture of magic and mind reading are usually the order of the day!

There is also the option of a cabaret on stage. This can all be discussed.

How much is a magician?

Well of course that varies. Drop me a line to discuss your needs and I will price for your event accordingly. Prices range from around £550, but requirements vary.

There will be Magicians at the royal wedding, Prince William is quite a magic fan I believe. However the magicians are a secret as yet.

So do get in touch. Contact form

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