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Magician in hampstead

Tonight I shall be performing in Hampstead at a rather nice event. Marquee in the garden. Mad men theme. Unfortunately the loevly hot weather we experienced in April and May has turned to perpetual showers. Last saturdays event in Reading managed to stop raining just in time for the guests to arrive so the outdoor bbq was not ruined by torrential rain.

Tonight is the new series of Penn and Teller’s Fool Us on ITV at 8pm. Should be a fun show. I was at one of the recordings and it looks like it will be a cracker and also increase the interest in magic.

I’m working on some new content for my website, but that is under wraps for now.

On another mac oriented note. I took my macboook pro into the apple store to be fixed. New logic board and upper case, which they repaired gratis even though I am well out of warranty as it was a known fault on some of their older machines. I say older, well we’re talking 2008. Old in tech terms I suppose.

I was forced into using my ipad 2 exclusively for 2 weeks, which I’ve certainly grown to love. It serves a very user friendly and portable purpose.

I also was given new one to one session card for the apple store, which is excellent for one on one sessions on any apple based software. Just have to get my arse in gear to use it!

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