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Christmas magician parties and New Year Magician

If you’re looking for a christmas magician or post christmas magician for a January party, you’d better contact me quickly as dates are nearly full.

Hiring a magician for new year’s eve can be a lot of fun and really kick the evening off but bear in mind costs are more than normal.

If you’re getting married in the New Year it’s time to book your magician. Here’s some recent reviews http://www.qype.co.uk/place/1963779-Paul-Roffman-London-magician-London.

My new website will be coming soon…. allegedly….

Magician in hampstead

Tonight I shall be performing in Hampstead at a rather nice event. Marquee in the garden. Mad men theme. Unfortunately the loevly hot weather we experienced in April and May has turned to perpetual showers. Last saturdays event in Reading managed to stop raining just in time for the guests to arrive so the outdoor bbq was not ruined by torrential rain.

Tonight is the new series of Penn and Teller’s Fool Us on ITV at 8pm. Should be a fun show. I was at one of the recordings and it looks like it will be a cracker and also increase the interest in magic.

I’m working on some new content for my website, but that is under wraps for now.

On another mac oriented note. I took my macboook pro into the apple store to be fixed. New logic board and upper case, which they repaired gratis even though I am well out of warranty as it was a known fault on some of their older machines. I say older, well we’re talking 2008. Old in tech terms I suppose.

I was forced into using my ipad 2 exclusively for 2 weeks, which I’ve certainly grown to love. It serves a very user friendly and portable purpose.

I also was given new one to one session card for the apple store, which is excellent for one on one sessions on any apple based software. Just have to get my arse in gear to use it!

The great British wedding

Just watching the great british wedding: Tonight on ITV. It seems the average price of a British wedding is now £21000. Expensive eh? Although one couple spent £2000 on a budget wedding using their own creative ways for reducing costs. But of course the most important question when having a wedding is,

Is Paul Roffman available to be my wedding magician?

What is the value of having a magician at your wedding? A magician creates a bridge between the guests. It works particularly well during the wedding breakfast as it has become known. The hiatus when pictures are being taken. With the best will in the world, that can be a long drawn out event for some of the guests, usually hungry and wondering when they are going to sit down for the main meal. A magician really makes the time fly and creates a huge buzz that builds throughout the guests leading up to the dinner. Baring in mind the costs involved on transient items, the Magician is quite a feature and worth the money.

After that I will perform around the tables between courses. Almost a mini cabaret. I engage with all the guests at the table. A mixture of magic and mind reading are usually the order of the day!

There is also the option of a cabaret on stage. This can all be discussed.

How much is a magician?

Well of course that varies. Drop me a line to discuss your needs and I will price for your event accordingly. Prices range from around £550, but requirements vary.

There will be Magicians at the royal wedding, Prince William is quite a magic fan I believe. However the magicians are a secret as yet.

So do get in touch. Contact form

Fool Us with Penn and Teller

Fool Us, The show presented by Penn and Teller will be coming back to our screens soon. The first show was a great relief in terms of magic on TV. Some really good acts allowed to do their routines without the need of ‘c’ list celebs or having to teach amateurs how to do magic. So another opportunity to see some good magic will be on tv again. Is there a down side? Possibly the need to reveal how the magic is done. Although Penn and Teller didn’t give too much away. I hope they continue in that vain as to good magic and entertainment being the prime requisite, rather than actually fooling them. However I know there has been a lot of care and thought in the program and with Jonathan Ross on board I think that will continue.

Why am I not on it? Well that’s because I haven’t yet put myself forward. I would want to have something a little more different for that show. But I know many talented magicians who will be and I look forward to watching and supporting them.

Team Building and Magic

The European leg of my magic and team building showcase has finished and I have one more show left in the UK.

It was well received and a lot of fun performing for different audiences and different cultures throughout Europe. If you are interested in Magic and teambuilding for your company get in touch.

Magic and teambuilding Showcase in Portugal

Greetings from a hotel room in Faro, Portugal. Or rather Albufeira to be precise. Event 6 of 8 in My Mojo Magic and team building showcase for Travelport.

At least the sun has been shining here and I arrived the night before, which gave me some nice R&R time to feel some sun on my face and have  a walk along the beach. The beaches here are a lot nicer than the ones in the costa del sol which have been ruined, I believe, by the incessant building that went on there over the last 20 years. It’s lovely to did ones toes in the sea again!

So tonight is prepped for the show which will happen in the restaurant in the hotel. They had originally suggested that I would be performing in what can only be described as the main atrium, which is overlooked by every room in the hotel. I quickly told them that I would not be performing here!

Back to London tomorrow and off to Paris on Thursday.

March sure has shot by!

Magician on European road show

Just about to leave Zurich to return to London on my whistlestop European magic and team building tour for Travelport.

5 down, 3 to go. I flew into Rome on Tuesday and out on wednesday. One of my favourite cities, which i unfortunately didn’t get to see as we were staying at a Sheraton just outside.

And pretty much the same story for Zurich. Next week I shall be promoting the secret of business mojo tour in Faro and Paris.

No rest for the wicked! Better get downstairs and check out. My cab awaits and hopefully a good snooze on the plane.

Back from Corporate magic in Warsaw

I’ve just returned from the third job in my whistle stop tour of Europe performing my magic and teambuilding show. A mixed crowd of Poles, Russians, Estonians and a few other eastern Europeans. An interesting experience. The audience are not as demonstrative as the audience in Malmo, Sweden. However, by all accounts, the response was very positive.

The team building aspect that was particularly enjoyed was the fact that it didn’t feel too full on. The delegates could take part without feeling like they had to do too much after a busy day. Some were very happy they didn’t have to be making giant block structures or cutting up paper or whatever happens in the generic team building company experiences. They were just able to enjoy the magic and team building experience. To enquire just click

Glad to be back in London. Gig tonight, Saturday, at Aragon House. Then next week I will be performing magic in Italy. Rome to be precise and then Zurich on Thursday.

The tour continues…

Magician in London, Magician in Belgium, Magician in Holland

I am writing this at the beginning of a month of events around Europe performing magic and team building show for Travelport. I flew out from London city airport yesterday and landed at Eindhoven airport in Holland and was then driven across the border to Belgium. So far so good. Staying at a castle hotel here. It’s all very flat scenery with nothing going on.. at all… but the air is fresh.

Looking forward to the magic tonight. Back on friday. Until then…. From Castle Wurfeld… If you need a magician in London or magic anywhere drop me a line.

NFTS, Oscar night, Westminster school and The King’s Speech.

Really enjoyed shooting a short film with the Producer students at the NFTS ( national film and television school). Worked with a fab team on a four hander script abou 2 couples who are having affairs with each other while maintaining the facades of normality during various dinner parties. Really got my thirst for filming going again. Hopefully more to come on that front.

Last night I saw the King’s Speech, Fantastic film which had a fair few Westminster school connections. Old Wets include the director Tom Hooper and Helena Bonham Carter.

Off to Eindhoven next week doing a corporate magic and team building show. Should be fun!