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Trade show magic

Trade show magicians – trade show magic:

If you are a company and are demonstrating your wares at upcoming tradeshow, now’s the time to hire a magician to help bring quality leads to your stand. What can a  trade show magician add?

I can add a great piece of entertainment that engages the passing footfall helping to get your companies key messages out there and bring in a database of positive and valuable information from potential clients.

We’re into tradeshow season and many brand companies are also looking into working with a magician to help launch various products. I like to work with companies to directly tailor the show or demonstration to enhance their product, core values and quality.

If you are interested in working with me, get in touch, so we can start working together in the right direction.

The busiest January yet

I have had a very good start to the year. Magic is very popular at the moment with The Magicians on the BBC, not great, too many bloody celebs getting in the way of the magic and Penn and Teller’s Fool Us, which was really good. A show that actually allowed magicians to perform their acts and do what they do very well without limiting it with other imbeciles being involved in the dumbing down disease of some TV. With that said, It’s great that magic is on TV prime time again. I have been approached on a few different tangents this month. While I’m on the subject a TV company has approached me regarding some ideas. Can’t mention too much at the mo’, but if it happens I’m sure I will be blabbing on about it.

Team building with magic is a fascinating area which utilises a variety of  skills I have picked up along the way. Magic, teaching and presentation skills. This is a growing area and one I hope to be working with various companies this year.

Had some fabulous magic bookings this month. A lot of fun reading a few minds and bending some coins while in the persons hand. Also a lottery prediction effect has been doing the rounds in my magic cabaret.

Ok, I’m writing this Sunday night while watching the Superbowl. Can’t believe a year ago I was watching this in LA. Time sure does fly.

My brain starts moving into stream of consciousness as the tiredness starts to slip in.

My friend Kenny Campbell, comedian, magic circle member , magician and various other titles, wrote a very amusing blog entry the other day after we had a lovely post circle Indian meal regarding google and seo and the companies involved. I should really take my own advice.

New Year of Magic

January is so far proving to be my busiest yet. Enquiries for team building using magic for corporates as well as 40th and 50th Birthday party celebrations seem to be this months theme. Quite a few requests for cabaret magic and mind reading. Having a lot of fun with a lottery prediction routine. There are a lot of wedding fayres popping up this month, but you can just book me for your wedding directly here.  Please don’t forget to enter a contact phone number.

Until the next time!

Hire a magician London and beyond 2011

So the christmas magician madness has passed. Are you ready to book a magician for next year? A busy christmas run of events came and went.

So whether or not to book a magician for new years eve?

If you are considering a New Years eve magician, bear in mind it may be more expensive than normal, but also it is best to have close up magic being performed before it gets too rowdy. Up to 10ish, depending on the event. Drunk people and magic is not a great combination.

Have a happy new year and I hope to see you on the other side!

December Christmas parties

Well the xmas party scene is under way. If you have a last minute booking query, give me a call. There are some dates available in December for corporate magic or private parties. January has started getting fairly busy now, so get in touch.

I performed walk about magic this month at a lovely wedding at Botleys Mansion. Fantastic grounds and house in Chertsey. All in all it was a wonderful event that I hope my magic enhanced. From some of the amazing reactions I think it was a success.

Back in the UK – Christmas magic


Back in the UK. Up and running in London. I am now taking bookings through Christmas. Time to get your events in.

Magic will be busy this year. Great to be back in rainy London!

BAFTA/LA & Brits in LA

We are approaching The 2010 World Cup. I have been booked to perform magic before the England Vs UK match for Brits in LA and BAFTA/LA on Saturday. Should be a very exciting event at The Petersen Museum. Big screens, an early start and me.

Oh and my prediction of the result…. That’s in a sealed envelope under lock and key. Come on England!

Britsweek LA working at The British Consulate in LA

Greetings. I am now in Hollywood, working and living. I have just performed for the British consulate in LA and was at the Beverley Wilshire Hotel with Richard Branson. All these events were for Britsweek.

It all went down a treat and things have started to move here in the USA.
I am taking bookings for both USA and UK now.

Frantoio King’s Road

Greetings all. I shall be performing at Frantoio’s restaurant in the KIng’s Road on Thursday night. Great venue and fantastic Italian food. Come along if you’re hungry but book as it get’s full quickly! As far as Christmas magic bookings go, everything seems to be very last minute this year. I have predominately performed for the corporate market and it seems that some companies are making up their minds later and later. But at least there is a general feel that people want to be entertained by a professional magician and certainly can note the difference and why we offer value.
On the acting front I have been working with Westminster film school for the last couple of weeks. Working in pairs, myself and the other actor have been improvising a scene around an emotional theme such as envy or lust and then the students work on filming it and honing it down to edit later. A lot of fun, at the end of the month we shall be doing some script work with them too. There is such a wonderful freedom working in impro with other professional actors who bring so much to the table and I think we have created some fine work.
As usual it’s hard to believe the year end is nigh!
As Ferris Beuler said,”Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

140th anniversary of Family Action

Right it’s November. It’s cold, I suppose that means it’s winter and the christmas magician enquiries are coming in. I question I’m often asked is where are you based? We were looking for a magician in Kent or Oxford or Magician in Dubai. Well I happen to travel all over for magic work. From Essex to Los Angeles. Have cards, will travel!
I recently had a fantastic evening working my magic at Frantoio Italian restaurant in The King’s Road. It was a fantastic night. I first looked at my watch at 7.30pm, the next time it was midnight and I was pretty magicked out. They always have magic night on a thursday. Book to get a table as it’s busy!
I also had a big event for the 140th anniversary of Family Action, performing for over 150 people. Some mix and mingle magic, followed by table magic.